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Not Your Typical Financial Planner

You’re a driven entrepreneur who’s focused on growing your awesome business. You’re creating the life you want and living every day on your terms. But now you’re ready to better take control of your finances and start planning for tomorrow. The problem is, you’re just not quite sure where to start or what’s best for your unique situation. You’re just not feelin’ the traditional, cookie-cutter financial advice out there. And let’s be honest, you’re a little leery of those “finance people” anyway since they always seem to be selling something. You want someone who you can trust, who will listen to your story, and who will help you achieve what’s important to you.

I GET IT! I really do!

Hey, I’m Ben Van Dyke and I’m a kick-ass CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®. But I’m definitely NOT your typical finance guy! I understand where you’re coming from because just like yourself, I’m trying to find balance living for today while planning for tomorrow. And it’s no walk in the park!

In the past, I worked for a large financial services company. Yeah, I drank the Kool-Aid for a while… But after working for a few years, I realized it wasn’t for me. I wasn’t able to help people how I wanted and I quickly realized that money troubles aren’t solved with financial products like expensive mutual funds or insurance. Oh, and I really hated selling stuff! So I did what any rational millennial would do: I quit, sold most of my stuff, and headed to South America for an awesome one-year backpacking adventure!

Once I took a breather from it all and came back home, I realized a startling truth. The very people that I enjoyed helping the most weren’t getting the unbiased advice and on-going support they needed to meet their financial goals. The “hit it and quit it” approach offered by most financial institutions was simply not working and the few available financial planning alternatives were expensive and a little stuffy. So I decided to do it my way!

I started New Growth Planning because I’m super passionate about helping fellow entrepreneurs live an organized, stress-free life around money. It’s my mission to help like-minded entrepreneurs get the advice they need so they can work towards financial freedom. Whether it’s growing your business, buying a home, paying off student loans, saving for a warm get-a-way, or investing in your future, I’ve got your back! You can call me a fee-only, advice only financial planner, a fee-for-service advisor, a financial coach, a money coach, a ‘finance guy’ or just Ben. I’m easy. What matters is that I help awesome entrepreneurs learn how to use their money to create the life they want. I don’t work on commission and I charge an affordable price for practical, unbiased advice and coaching. I love it and I’m confident you will, too!

On a Personal Note…

not your typical financial planner

I’m a simple guy who was born and raised on beautiful Vancouver Island. I love being outdoors and staying active is an important part of my lifestyle. You might find me out for a trail run, playing some hockey, or fishing (although it’s true that I can barley catch a piranha).

I currently live in Victoria, BC with my much better half, Danielle. In 2014, we both quit our jobs and travelled all over South America for 12 months, backpacking and volunteering along the way. Needless to say, we are both hooked on travelling and can’t wait for our next adventure. As a result, we don’t own much stuff and we find it keeps life simpler this way.

I enjoy a good, cold beer, hanging out with family and friends, fixing things, and doing oil changes on people’s cars (…I know!). I love helping people make awesome financial decisions and teaching them cool money stuff, especially since we didn’t learn any of this shit in school! Fun fact: when I was 10, I used to iron my money that I had saved up (yes, with a Sunbeam® iron). Maybe it was a sign of my destiny…

not your typical financial planner
financial planner

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